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Instead of waiting for summer to have you warm wedding day, why not go to another part of the world? Cuba is a gorgeous island located approximately 90 miles south of Florida. It is a beautiful exotic location and if you can afford it, you should definitely consider Cuba!

There are many different parts of the island to visit, Veradero has a long, beautiful stretch of beach, while Havana has no beach but many gorgeous old buildings, full of history and culture.

Wedding Destinations in Cuba

There are very many different resorts in Cuba, all of them usually cater to weddings and honeymooners. Many hotels have beautiful viewpoints facing the ocean, so you can get married while watching the ocean beside you. Below are some of the hotels in Cuba that are ideal locations for holding a wedding. All of these places are perfect wedding photo opportunities, with island flowers waving in the breeze and the ocean a brilliant blue underneath the Caribbean sun.

Melia Las Americas is a five-star resort located in Veradero, Cuba. It rests along a 7-km stretch of beach that is shared by other resorts as well. There are bungalows available, all of them are two-storey. The beach in Varadero is renowned for being one of the best on the island, and is a must-see for either your honeymoon, or even for the wedding service!
Melia Cohiba is a five-star resort located in historic Havana, Cuba. This international hotel has a swimming pool, gift shops, and three restaurants inside, as well as many restaurants close by. There are many nightclubs in downtown Havana, and all of the buildings boast amazing architecture. You can take a Coco taxi through Havana, these little taxis are open-air and shaped like a coconut! The hotel is located along the Malecon, a stretch of sidewalk along the ocean that is a popular nightspot for everyone at night. Cuban people usually take a stroll along the Malecon, it is right next to the ocean and at some points, you can see the water crashing over onto the sidewalk, so be careful where you sit or you may get wet!

Paradisus Rio De Oro is located in Holguin, Cuba. While it is far from the nightlife of Havana or Veradero, it is a calm spot with a lovely spa and definitely a treat to the honeymooner! The hotel is a five-star, friendly staff and they have a gorgeous gazebo overlooking the ocean.

When getting married in a Caribbean resort, you must remember that while you and your wedding party may be dressed up, other patrons at the resort who will probably stop to watch the ceremony may be wearing their swimming attire! That’s why it’s important to request a private setting for your wedding, if possible.

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Weddings in Cuba

Remember, the food is not the same as at home, and the culture is very different from North American culture. It’s important to review the resort you choose before going, some of the places are not as good as they seem!

An advantage to going to a tropical location for your wedding is that you can stay for one week with your hotel guests there for the wedding, then the next week on your own for your honeymoon! And having a wedding in an exotic location guarantees you will have wonderful wedding pictures, as the vibrantly coloured flora and fauna in the background of your photos will prove.

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