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Each year your family changes such as new additions as well as changes in growth and personality of the children. Recording this for posterity is important for the generations to come, in addition to bring back found memories at a later time in your life when the kids are grown up and have left the nest. At Babylon Productions in Toronto, we understand what a family portrait involves, so we have created a specialty package devoted to taking family portraits for all occasions. These occasions include birthdays, holidays, special family events, and any other occasion that you and your family require. Share your family portraits with family and friends; that’s what makes them family. A family shot is not a group shot standing in front of a firing squad – like old-style portraits! Family can be a photo of a single family member or a group of many. They are special, and we go beyond simple to the artistic images of those you love, to create that emotional bond on paper that surpasses time and generations.

Babylon Productions in Toronto will also offer this service at the comfort of your home or wherever you feel that there is a location of sentimental value to your family. Whether you desire images in our studio, or on location, Babylon Photography will create images that move the heart and develop a family heirloom that will last through the generations. We want the family potrait to look great and remembered! We are pros. Let us help. We’re family too. Come join the fun it will be a great day.

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