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Video Babylon has been capturing memories for over 30 years through photography and video, assisting wedding couples in Toronto and throughout the GTA with great service, friendly staff and professionalism that will make your wedding day go off without any issues.

Toronto Wedding Videographers

Babylon Productions specializes in gorgeous Toronto wedding videography in Toronto. We will create a dynamic, cinematic production that makes your Toronto wedding video an amazing one! We have state of the art equipment and experienced teams to ensure that not a moment is missed of one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day! We also feel that it is so important to capture as much as possible throughout the ENTIRE wedding day and night to make the result a compilation of your favourite memories!

State-of-the-Art Wedding Videos

Making a Toronto wedding video means recording memories that will last forever. Thanks to technology becoming more advanced, Toronto wedding video services bring smaller, more light-sensitive cameras into the hands of today’s Toronto wedding videographers. It is no longer necessary to have big cameras lurking in every corner to capture those important moments of your special day. That means you can relax, and so can your guests, as our experienced and reliable Toronto wedding videographers record all those important memories! We care about the quality of your wedding photos and wedding videos, so we want you to make the right decisions in choosing who to trust with recording one of the most important days of your life!

Trust Only the Best

Make sure you’re hiring a Toronto wedding videography professional that specializes in shooting and editing Toronto wedding videos. Weddings are very specialized events. An average photographer with a great camera may look great while they’re filming, but the end product may not be as good. Our Toronto wedding videographers are experienced, their equipment is top-of-the-line and they have been taking pictures at weddings for many years! Also, unlike days of old where the final product was pretty much on the tape leaving the camera, most of today’s wedding videos are shot on digital tape, brought into computers and delivered onto DVD’s or even blu-ray. It’s important to know who will be handling the editing of your production, and who will be handling the formatting of your production. Who knows, you may even want to save your memories on an ancient VHS tape as a keepsake! Or onto a computer file so you can e-mail your Toronto wedding videos to far-away friends and relatives that couldn’t make the trip to your wedding. The possibilities are endless!

Choose How To Remember Your Day

There are basically two types of wedding video productions you can choose from. One is a documentary type production, while the other is more of a cinematic type production. The documentary type wedding video is exactly as it sounds… your wedding day as it happened, in real time, so editing is minimal. The wedding videographer will shoot the events as they happen and deliver a DVD that will allow you to view your day exactly as it happened. Since very little editing is involved it makes these types of productions less expensive.They can be delivered in only a few days after the wedding. They allow you to view every moment of your special day, as it happens. The other option is a more cinematic production, one where there is more editing involved, and only the highlights of the day that you choose are kept, making this option a more expensive, but higher-quality idea for your wedding video! Your wedding videographer will only give you the best quality wedding videos, because here at Babylon Productions, we offer only the best staff and service for your special day! Book your wedding photo shoot with us today! We hire only the most experienced wedding photographers and videographers to capture your special memories!

Toronto Wedding Photography

Assist people in creating & capturing their dreams on their magical day. When it comes to a decision about a Toronto wedding photographer you are getting more than a service, you are capturing your special memories for all time. Our Wedding Photographers will offer you gorgeous photography results that fit the vision of your wedding day. Our Toronto wedding photography have an in-depth knowledge of all types of cultures and wedding traditions as well, and are experts at catching every moment of your special day! Toronto wedding photography studio also offers black and white photography, digital photography, and many more options that will suit exactly your needs. Don’t trust a Toronto wedding photography that doesn’t have experience; this is your special day and you deserve the best!
Toronto Wedding photography involves many aspects, from before the event, during and after the event. Proper planning and preparation is needed for the perfect photography shoot, as many fine details need to be considered to achieve the best results. Our wedding photography studios offers professional, reliable, and experienced Toronto wedding photographers, shooting in color or black and white wedding photography, and in film or digital photography formats. Setting goals and expectations with the wedding couple, as concerns the weddings is generally done at our wedding photography studios where a set of service packages can be customize to your Toronto wedding photography needs as well as the needs of your wedding budget.
Creating a short list of all the small details is a good idea for your wedding photo shoot. This list includes all the locations, wedding party members needed in the photos, as well as your choices between black and white photography verses color photography, and digital photography verses film formats. Also,the lenses you plan to use and many more technical considerations are required in order to be prepared. As the day transpires, you should check the items off as they are achieved, that way leaving nothing to chance. Due to the general activity of the day, the wedding photography family shots can be quite daunting. Nominate a member, one from each of the couple’s families, to act as the point member, in charge of getting everyone together who should be in the different family shots together. That way, there will not be a family member missing from a wedding photography shoot because they did not know it was being taken!
Make sure you have contacted everyone prior to booking the shoot, because some family members or members of your wedding party may not be available due to work, or other previous engagements. Don’t plan to have outdoor photos taken if the weather forecast looks rainy, because then you will probably miss out on all the natural beauty your outdoor wedding photo shoot location has to offer. By stopping over at the locations within the areas where the wedding photography will take place ahead of the special day, one could use this as a tactic that is used by professionals to scout positions for the posed photos. You can pose for the photos and see what they will look like, ahead of time. You can tell where the best spots are to stand, sit or pose for your wedding photography session. This enables you to position the yourself in respect to the angle at which the light comes, which aids the wedding photographer to get a feel for the area and plan ahead the session. This is essential to ensure the wedding photography shoot is a success. In addition, it ensures that the couple has an exceptional collection of images for posterity. Hence, it is important to for one to have back up plans, charged battery packs and routes to the various locations mapped out for all those participating, to ensure no confusion happens in the way to the wedding photo shoot.
Visit our photo galleries to see some of our satisfied customers on their wedding days. Babylon Productions has been producing quality wedding photos from experienced wedding photographers for over 29 years! Trust only the best when it comes down to one of the most important days of your life. We will make your wedding be remembered as a beautiful event, and the wedding photos will be your proof that you made the best choice when it comes to wedding photography. Trust the best in the wedding and wedding photography business. Trust Babylon.
It is wise to combine our wedding photography skills and the couple’s preferred moments to produce exceptional photographs that the couple can relate to. Some of these moments could be for instance, the sermons, or during songs, or the wedding dance. The backgrounds of the wedding photography shoot should be well considered, especially if the subjects are in motion. Generally, uncluttered and shaded spots work best for these pictures. Continuous shots are also tactics used by professional wedding photographers to capture these moments, which could include a fleeting smile, laugh or side-glance. Our skilled wedding photographers will capture all the best moments and highlights of your special day. Even moments you don’t expect, such as the secretive smile you exchange with your fiancee, or the mothers of the couple exchanging a laugh. Our photographers will capture it all, leaving you to relax and worry about other aspects, like getting married! Your wedding photo shoot is one aspect to consider, but the test of professionalism comes with the actual wedding event photos. A good photographer will capture the good moments and moods, not just the obvious moments like the first dance, or the ring being put on the bride’s finger. He or she will ensure that the little moments that make the day special will be caught on film as well.