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A wedding photojournalist – what is it?

All wedding photographers take pictures of a bride and groom in a setting known as their wedding. A wedding brings to people together to celebrate a decision made by the couple to spend the rest of their lives together. There are many things that come together for a wedding celebration, the wedding invitations, the wedding reception at a designated banquet hall, wedding limousines for the bridal party and family, a wedding cake and wedding photographers.

Wedding photographers are responsible of freezing a moment in time on a joyous occasion and have it live forever in the eyes all of the family and friends to see. A journalist writes about an event that has taken place in a news publication, reporting on the important moments of the events and highlighting what was key.

A wedding photojournalist combines all the skills of both a wedding photographer and journalist and captures the wedding event is such a way where he or she tell their story through the angles of their pictures. They take images that represent what they want to say and transpose it into 1000 words. They take pictures like any other wedding photographer would but do it in such a way that there is more then what meets the eye.

The difference between a wedding photographer and a wedding photojournalist is a wedding photographer takes wedding pictures as a still photo; there is a backdrop behind the couple, however, the photo does not do more than emphasize the 2 posing for the camera. A wedding photojournalist takes a photo similar to the wedding photographer, with the focus on the newlyweds and a backdrop in the background but what differs between a wedding photographer and a wedding photojournalist is the photojournalist creates a story with the picture. A photojournalist is able to make a min-story, a theme behind the picture as if it is explaining an ad, or displaying a product through the entire photograph.

The photo that a photojournalist takes is not a photo but a visual write-up of the moment, it says so much more than what a photo taken by a wedding photographer does. They create a story with every picture they take. Now, don’t get us wrong, wedding photographers are skilled at what they do, they take excellent pictures and capture every moment exceptionally. It is just that a wedding photojournalist sets up a photo differently than a wedding photographer does.

So in conclusion, a wedding photographer is a vital component to any wedding celebration, they allow you to capture a moment in time with your wedding by celebrating it through the magic of film or video. A wedding photojournalist allows you to capture a moment in time on your wedding celebration, just like a wedding photographer does, however the difference between the 2 is that a wedding photojournalist does so by capturing a story, something a journalist would do through the use of a camera and some imagination and you have a 1000 word story instilled into one photo!