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Baptism is generally a water purification ritual practiced in many of various religions including Christianity, Mandaeanism, and Sikhism. Christian baptism is believed by many to have its origins with the Jewish ritual of mikvah. The word baptize derives from the Greek word  which loosely means “to dip, bathe, or wash”. [Middle English baptizen, from Old French baptiser, from Late Latin baptīzāre, from Greek baptizein , from baptein, to dip. Whatever the ritual, a lasting memory in the form of a Baptism video or photo  album is a great way to capture the sacred, once-in-a-lifetime event. Baptism is a sacred event in a person’s life, they begin with being baptized and continue on to celebrate many other religious rituals as they grow up and learn about their faith. For example, Catholicism will have the child take a First Communion when they are eight, and Confirmation when they are thirteen, to ensure that the person is now old enough to decide for themselves if they want to be a member of the Catholic church. All religions have a number of rituals that take place throughout one’s life, but baptism is up to the parents when the child is young. A person can choose to be baptized later in life if they wish. However, if you have a baby and you are religious, then you should consider having your child baptized or christened.

With a Baptism or Christening, there are many that are celebrated in Toronto. And with the celebration in Toronto , comes the need to have a photographer or videographer to share the moment. At Babylon Productions Wedding Centre, we specialize in Baptisms, christenings, as well as Toronto area Baptisms and Christenings. So if you want to setup a Christening or Baptism in Toronto , then look no further for your photography needs. With Babylon Productions Wedding Centre located in Toronto, we will make sure you have quality images of your little one being baptized/christened, and entering the faith. Trust Babylon for all you baptism and christening photography needs. Our professional staff will come to the church and photograph as your little one is pulled up to take their first breath as a baptized person. The first moments of your baby’s life as they enter the faith are precious. As with all baby photos, you will keep them for your children to show their children. Imagine, having a video of your great grandmother being baptized. If there was videography then, you would have the video to show to other future generations. Why not start a tradition? Keep all your family’s baptism or christening videos, and share the memories and the faith with all of your loved ones.

For a name you can trust, call Babylon today! We will make sure your baptism or christening is captured on a video or in a photograph, expertly and efficiently. Trust the best in the wedding and wedding photography business. Trust Babylon.