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Guyanese Wedding Ceremonies

Guyana is a nation state located on the mainland of South America. English is spoken but in addition, Amer-Indian languages like Arawak, Macushi, Akawaio and Wai-Wai are spoken. A small minority speaks Guyanese Creole, which is English with African-Indian dialects as well as some French as it’s main roots. There is no standardized language in Guyana other than English, which isn’t as prominently used among the locals as much as other languages are, like Creole, for example. Just like a wedding in any culture, cuisines are a delisious necessity. It is common to have traditional Guyanese fare served at the weddings. One of the Guyanese delicacies is the pepper pot which has been around for generations and is very popular.  The dish is served with crispy cassava bread. Sumptuous duck curry is another common food in Guyanese culture. At a Guyanese wedding spread, one may also find fried rice and puri, as well as many other Guyanese treats. A traditional religious wedding in Guyana will usually be done in a church. Outdoor ceremonies are also popular.

After meals, guests are invited to participate in the wedding dances. Guyanese music has maintained traditional elements from Africa, India and Europe and this mix of native elements has become important in influencing Caribbean, Brazilian and American music. There will usually be a wedding singer, or a wedding DJ playing songs while the couple dances. One of the most popular dance musics in Guyana is Calypso. Also, one of the traditions that have remained is called tan singing, which is a unique singing style found among native Guyanese of the Indian community. Make sure your traditional Guyanese wedding is in the hands of the experts! Our skilled wedding vidoegraphers can capture your entire wedding day, edit it the way you choose, and even add a soundtrack with traditional Guyanese wedding music on it, or any songs your prefer!

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