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Kurdish Traditional Weddings

Kurdish culture has distinctive traits that are different from that of other cultures; however, Kurdish traditions are somewhat similar to those of the Iranians. Some of these similarities include the large celebrations involved with occasions like weddings. Additionally, both cultures celebrate ‘Newroz’, which is their New Year celebration. Newroz is celebrated on twenty first of March. Kurds are considered as moderate Muslims thus the less observation of Islamic rules. For example, Kurdish culture allows women to work outside their homes. Unlike other Muslims, Kurdish cultures have less restriction about women wearing the ‘hijab’ (covering). The Kurdish people also have unique wedding cultures admired by many people around the world. Kurdish Marriage Procedure Unlike Toronto weddings, three or four men and women who are of an older age visits the bride’s home before the ceremony, as dictated by the Kurdish wedding’s traditional culture. In the first day of visit, the visitors tell the bride’s parents the reasons for their visit. The purpose of this visit is to inform the girl’s parents about their interest in her to get married to one of their own. After explaining their motive, the girl’s parent may agree, or refuse to to give their daughter’s hand for marriage.

When the girl’s parents show some interest, the guests ask for some water and the girl’s parents ask her to serve the guests with the water. The objective of this act is to give guests a chance to view the girl’s stature, character as well as appearance. According to Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the girl is supposed to stand there until the guest finish drinking water. If the guests are impressed with the girl, they organize a second visit. In the second visit, the guest comes along with the man intending to marry the girl. The elderly guests introduce the man to the girl and her parents. This gives the young girl and man a chance to interact and know each other. According to Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the ceremony kicks off only when the man is pleased with the girl and agrees to marry her. When this happens, the elderly guests request the girl’s parents to hand their daughter for marriage. When both girl and young man are happy and satisfied, the wedding ceremony is prepared. Unlike Toronto weddings, this wedding is prepared within the same day.

Actual Kurdish Wedding Ceremony is Just like Toronto weddings, Kurdish people celebrate well the unification of a man and a woman. During this ceremony, there is much music and gaiety, as this is a happy time for the families of the wedding couple. According to Kurdish culture, there are three kinds of performances that take place, including storytellers and love music. All of the songs performed are meant to cement love between the lovers. Most of the songs praise the wedding couples as heroes and winners. According to Kurdish culture, music performances usually start one day prior to the wedding occasion. On the actual day, the groom puts a ring on the bride’s finger while the wedding party and guests celebrate the occasion with song and dance. As the song and dance is taking place, the young man’s relatives offer presents and gifts to the girl’s parents. This shows appreciation for the parents of the bride. According to traditional Kurdish wedding culture, the ceremony ends after presentation of ‘shara buke’, which is a shawl, placed on the bride’s head. The shawl must have white, yellow and red colors on it. Two rings are put on the bride’s finger, and according to Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the main ring symbolizes engagement while the second ring symbolizes the right of the husband to visit the bride any time he wishes.

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