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Malayalee Wedding Traditions

Malayalee Weddings are full of excitement and fun. In a traditional Malayalee wedding, a search for the right candidate is initiated as soon as girl and boy attain the marriageable age. Horoscope matching is of prime importance. Compatibility for the couple is seen by calculation done by some astrologer. If the horoscope matches, then an auspicious date is selected. Close relatives and friends participate enthusiastically in every ceremony and share joyous moments. There are no rigidities in the Malayalee wedding. An engagement ceremony is held where elders make the announcement to the family members and relatives about their ward’s engagement. It is popularly called ‘Nishayam’. The prospective bride and groom are not part of this ceremony. After this, various preparation are started in the house of boy and girl. Special sweets are prepared and decorations are done to give a new face to the house. On the wedding day, a special feast is organized and served to the guests at the bride’s house. Bride is made to sit facing the east and served a traditional five course vegetarian meal. Usually, the girl wears a two-piece sari which is known as Mundu. Jewelry and flowers adore the bride. The wedding ceremony is held at the bride’s ancestral house. Groom is dressed in a traditional dhoti and angavastram.

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As the groom reaches the bride’s house, his father in law washes his feet. Groom gives him a white color sari that the bride wears for the nuptials. A sacred fire is lit and veli is performed. Three rounds are taken around the fire. The groom then ties the ‘taali’ around the bride’s neck. It is further followed by ‘Penkoda’ ceremony where girl is publicly handed over to the groom. After ‘kanyadaanam’, ‘sparsham’ takes place. The groom is made to sit in front of the bride. He tilts his head backwards and touches the forehead of the bride. The bride puts some puffed rice in the fire. Homan is performed by placing the couple’s hand in one another. The groom then lifts the foot of the bride and place it on the grinding stone which represents breaking of old ties. The bride’s feet are moved seven times by the groom which symbolizes her entry into the new family.

Couple takes vows and touches the feet of their elders. They are blessed with good wishes for their life ahead.A rich feast follows after the wedding ceremony. Delicious meal is served to the guest that includes yummy delicacies including sweets. The entire atmosphere wears a festive look. After this, comes the time for departure of the bride for her new home. She is taken to groom’s house in a specially decorated car amidst playing of drums. The loud sounds are usually to announce the wedding. When girl reaches her new house, she is welcomed with traditional rituals. Lamps are placed in the entire house to lighten up their way. The light from the lamps is a good omen for the smooth journey for their life ahead. This ceremony is called ‘kudivep’. ‘Grah parvesh’ ceremony follows when bride enters her new house. Everyone introduces her to every member of the family and given jewels and gifts.

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