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Marriage in Ancient Greek

In the Ancient Greek society, marriage was regarded as an auspicious relationship. Marriage was very important to carrying the family heritage. In the Greek culture, every respectable woman became a wife if she could. In marriage, there was hardly room for choice. Destiny played an important role in solemnizing marriage. Woman had no alternate other than marriage. The sacred wedding rituals were interwoven by various ceremonies. These ceremonies had ritual meaning and overlapping rites. There is great evidence regarding these rituals, both literary and artistic, which helps to provide a complete account of Greek customs. Offerings, dedications and sacrifices were made by the bride and the groom, as well as their families. Marriage consisted of a private contract where the woman was transferred to her husband. Marriage consisted of transfer, and transformation. Transformation means actually giving the responsibility of the woman to the man/husband. Many things pointed towards her transformation, like cutting of hair and offering them to virgin deities. Presenting the hair locks to the virgin goddesses often signified the attainment of womanhood.

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Greek society stresses upon the marriage of a girl at the age of fourteen. Boys are found eligible at the age of thirty after they have served military force. Girls are obliged to marry where  and who their father wants. Various types of rituals are followed in the traditional ancient Egyptian wedding ceremony. Both the bride and groom take bath in the holy spring. On the wedding day, girl is dressed in the traditional attire. She is taken in a veil to the banquet hall, accompanied by her friends and relatives. The groom, in his bets outfit, goes to the bride’s home with a procession of friends, relatives and family members. Drums are played and crackers are burst to ward away evil spirit spirits. Music and dance plays a major role in the festivities. Bride and the groom wear a crown or garland to mark the occasion. The actual transfer of the bride from father to groom takes place at night after the bridal banquet.

After the great feast the procession in a chariot takes place from the home of the bride to the home of the groom. Bride stands in the cart as her husband mounts it in preparation for their journey. Families follow the chariot, by foot, bearing gifts. The bride’s mother carries the torch during the journey at night to light the way. The bride eats an apple as a part of the incorporation rites which demonstrates her new union with her husband. Fruits and nuts are showered on the couple which acts as agents of fertility and prosperity.

One day the after the marriage, an outdoor procession of people is held. It is called the Epaulia. It is an outdoor procession of wedding guests who brings gifts. Gifts generally include vases filled with greenery, baskets, pots, furniture, jewelry and combs. Athenian marriage is relationship between a man and a woman who had the primary goal of producing children and maintaining the identity of the social and political community. In ancient Sparta, the ceremony was very simple. After a tussle, to prove his superior strength, the groom would toss his bride over his shoulder and carried her off. Slaves in the ancient Greek culture cannot marry because marriage was considered only for the privileged class. Any children which were born from their masters were disposed off because the slaves have no right to rear children. Therefore, only the rich were allowed to bear children. That’s why now, with the help of time and culture adjusting, anyone can have a traditional ancient Egyptian wedding! We at Babylon strive to offer you the best price for the best service, We boast over 25 years in traditional ancient Egyptian cultural weddings, and we can ensure you have the most traditional ancient Egyptian wedding possible!

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