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Marwari Wedding Traditions

Traditional Marwari weddings generally consists of rituals which have been affecting the people since ages. The engagement ceremony takes place at the bridegroom’s home. It is generally attended by the brother, father and relatives of the both parties. The women folk are not allowed in this function. Even the close relatives and the bride are not allowed in this ceremony. Tikka ceremony is performed at the house of the bride. In this ceremony, a tilak of sindoor is applied on the forehead of groom. Then he is presented with fruits, sweets, sword and cash. Some clothes are also given to the groom by the girl’s father. The first ceremony that is held after the engagement is Ganpati Stapana or griha parvesh. This ceremony is conducted to seek the blessings of God so that everything goes on smoothly. A pyre is lit and haven is performed. Offering of fruit and cash are offered to please the God.

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 After this, another ceremony is held which is called pithi dastoor. A paste of turmeric and sandal are applied on the body of groom. Then bride reaches in a silk canopy, which is placed on the swords at the four corners. Four women have to hold the canopy. Paste is then applied on the bride. The bride wears an orange dress. Marriage provides a source of entertainment for the whole community. Men and women gather at different places and dholak is played. The people of the community perform folk songs and dances. Women dressed in the traditional attires perform ghoomar. The maternal uncles of both boy and girl come amidst the celebration and give gifts and cash to the family members.
In janav dastoor, the groom wears orange clothes and he performs a haven. He is given two options. Either he can become a saint or he can opt to become a householder. Once the Havan is completed, the groom pretends to go to become ascetic. But his maternal uncle persuades him to assume his responsibility as a householder. On the wedding day or a day before, palla dastoor ceremony is performed. In this ceremony, some of relatives of the groom visit the bride’s house and bring clothes, jewelry and presents for the bride. The bride wears all these things at the time of wedding. The bride traditionally wears red color attire, but yellow, orange or pink can also be worn. The bride wears various jewels during wedding. ‘Rakhri’ is born on the forehead while ear danglers are worn in the ears and neck is adored by a diamond-studded necklace. Gold toe ring and stone studded nose ring are also worn. Groom led by the procession of relatives and friends reach the bride’s house. He is given a very warm welcome. The couple, around a lit pyre, take seven rounds. A big feast is held after this. Vidai ceremony takes place and bride leaves for her new home. A coconut is placed in front of the car. She is given a welcome by the close relatives of the groom’s family. She is introduced to everyone. Then she lifts her veil and her husband gives some jewels to her.
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