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Mexican Wedding Dresses And Wedding Gowns

Many people go about the whole process of wedding planning with the misconception that only Mexicans should deal with Mexican wedding dresses. They miss the unique touch that such a garment brings to a simple ceremony. As the Mexican culture is rich, their selection of wedding dresses is also very rich. History is responsible for this. There are traits similar to western dresses but the differences are fascinating.
Mexican wedding dresses proudly express the Spanish influence on Mexican fashion. There is still plenty of room for innovation. The traditional white, full-length wedding gown may not adequately fit in to contemporary wedding styles. The huipil is an excellent dress choice. It has bold, elaborate designs and patterns that add color and drama to any wedding theme. The decorative stitching adds a touch of sophistication. If a wedding is thematic upon the beach, the planner should consider this dress. Its seamless design complements the sun, sand and surf.

The traditional mexican wedding dress in such a setting might end up being restrictive; gather dirt and dust as well as clash with the theme of the day. A guayabera, a typical Mexican Wedding shirt won by the bridegroom has similar bold expression to the dress.


Ceremonies planned for the more conservative couples also have options under the ‘Mexican gowns’ title. Such gowns fall straight to the floor; have long sleeves and veins to bring out a feeling of innocence and purity. These Mexican wedding gowns make use of choice materials. The most famous is silk. It is a natural fabric and offers comfort to its wearer. It is sleek and subtly expresses style.


For the Flamenco look, a combination of a fitting dress and bolero jacket effortlessly does it. In the arm of a groom in a matador jacket, the look gets even better. If he is ready to wear a matching pair of skintight trousers, ‘perfect’ describes the final look.

The bridesmaids and flower girls outfits may have ruffles to add dynamism to the entire setup. There are many accessories available, besides the ubiquitous fan. If a wedding is slated for the wintry months, a quechquémitl adequately deals with the problem. It is a relatively thick cape draped off the shoulders and falls smoothly to the floor.

The enredo is not a bad idea either. This full, wrap-around skirt guarantees protection from cold, simultaneously providing style. The option to mix and match is open to the adventurous kind. Nevertheless, the aspects of color-coding apply.


The world is a global village. Varieties of cultures have great wedding ideas. Wedding days are very special and require the input of creative planners. The role of a wedding dress is to confer beauty on the wearer. As far as style and color go, Mexican gowns have said their piece. They are easy to make, widely available in stores and kills the monotony that characterizes contemporary weddings. Its unique style will have everybody in attendance agape in awe and will carry wonderful memories for years to come.