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Business Cards, We are the source…we print in Toronto our business cards on-site and therefore maintain control over the entire print process! A professionally Toronto printed business card reflects the best possible image to your customers and prospects. Our standard card paper stock is heavy 14PT gloss cover stock. No set schedules…choose from 3, 5 and 10 day turnaround and order any day of the week! You have options…if our standard offset printed cards do not suit your needs then inquire about other offset printing and digital printing options. At Toronto Printing Services<, we understand that the current economic climate is putting a financial squeeze on everyone. We think our customers deserve a break, so we have drastically reduced our prices across our entire product line!

Toronto Printing Services make the business cards, brochures, posters, multipage booklets very professional and colourful! You have come to the right place for your printing services. Trust us to make your printing services neat and organized. We will do it the way you will feel happy with and want you to enjoy our creation. Our printing services are worth the price and guarantee you will make more money than what you pay us! Toronto Printing Services has been working on this for many years and are proud of our services. We have different ways of printing the business cards and the ways you want it, full colour, glossed, double sided. Whatever you feel comfortable with in printing your business cards, we have it! We provide all the services you will be asking for. Give Toronto Printing Services a call to make your business a big difference!

All business cards printed on 14PT Card Stock, Full Colour, Glossed & Double Sided. Prices listed are based on standard size business cards.

  • 1,000 =  $89.99  full colour 2 sided Business cards
  • 2,500 =  $139.99   full colour 2 sided Business cards
  • 5,000 =  $145.00  full colour 2 sided Business cards
  • 10,000 = $210.00  full colour 2 sided Business cards

For business cards printed in Toronto with rounded corners, add additional $80.00

Standard turn-a-round time for print jobs are usually 48 hours. On top of great prices, we’ll also top any registered competitor in print production prices on same sizes & specs. But we are more than just business cards! For years we have excelled at printing cards, but did you know we also print brochures, posters, multipage booklets, and more! Once again, these items are printed on-site giving us the control to produce excellent quality work at very affordable prices.


Get your sales and marketing messages into the hands of customers and prospects with postcards.

  • 4 x 6 Postcards, 2-sided, Full-color
  • 1,000 is $195.00  full colour 2 sided Postcards
  • 5,000 is $295.00  full colour 2 sided Postcards
  • 10,000 is $420.00  full colour 2 sided Postcards

Catalogs and Brochures

Showcase your business, products, and services with professionally printed brochuresSell more of your products and services with a high-quality, full-colour catalog and Fliers.

  • 8.5 x 11 Fliers, 1-sided, Full-color
  • 8.5×11 Brochures
  • 11×17 Brochures
  • 11×25.5 Brochures

Designing Services Fee

  • Logo – $250 – 500 (all file types provided)
  • Flier/Business Cards Design – $75 to 200
  • Business Cards
  • Catalogs
  • Fliers
  • Postcards

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