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Spanish Wedding Traditions

The Spanish bride usually   wears a white wedding dress for her fiancée, although the last resorts are   cream colors. Also, in the civil ceremonies, suits of other colors are used   although not normally. The veil is usually part of the dress, although it is hardly   used to cover the face. The bride’s mother shows the dress to her family a   day before, but the groom should not see it. Usually one of the shoes should   be placed over the other to be a luckily married couple. The groom wears   jacket suits that range from the smoking jacket to suits of very modern cut,   the classic colors are gray, brown and sometimes white or cream. Neckties are   in very few occasions ‘pajarita’. The Ceremony,The celebration begins in house of the groom where the friends and relatives are going to gather him, here the parents of the groom invite to the assistants to a small snack. When coming out of house the friends of the groom usually burn rockets (fireworks) to celebrate it. Also it is possible that in the first place the fiancée takes shelter in the house of the godmother of the wedding (that can habitually be the mother of the fiancée or the godmother of baptism) and then they go to the fiancée home. From here the retinue goes to house of the bride or to the church, depending on the customs of each zone.

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The godfather will be with the relatives and friends of the fiancée at brides house. Bride and groom find them and together they go to the church. The bride will go of the arm of her godfather and the groom with the godmother. For longer distances a special car is hired, may be limousine or a horses car. Exiting from brides house the friends newly use fireworks to celebrate the wedding. If the bride is waiting at the church then the groom goes directly there. At the ceremony bride and groom gives one another the rings and usually (but not always) they interchange the ‘arras’ (a sort of coin). Catholic ceremonies last ‘about’ of hour and assistants may take also communion. Civil ceremonies are much shorter ( about half of an hour) and are directed by the town major. Once finished the ceremony and pictures taken with friends and relatives in the church, the newly married couple goes out of the church, their friends and relatives are waiting for them to throw rice over both in a sort of luck desire. Finally friends celebrate the wedding again with fireworks and rockets. All together they go to the restaurant or special wedding celebrations local, a typical Spanish wedding is formed with about 200-300 people. All kinds of food and drinks are served, mostly beginning with light food like jamon, aperitifs, cheese, and other delicacies. Then a normally composed of seafood (prawns, Norway lobsters) dishes that are served before a meat dish. The wedding cake is served, the couple has to cut this cake and give each other a piece. Depending on the region they are from, the friends of the groom makes a joke with him like making him to look for money in to a sand box or water, putting him in a disguise, or  something related with his job or hobbies. It is also done with the bride and her friends, cutting her panties off is a joke often played at traditional Spanish weddings. The celebration continues long time in the night with music and dance, the kind of music depends on the zone, but it is usually modern music.

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