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African American Marriages Traditions in Toronto

If you would like to spend your African American Wedding, your in the right spot! We offer everything you need in a wedding and will help you have the most memorable day of your life. We want you to leave with a big smile on your face. Sometimes in marriage, you feel stressed out with everything need a lot of things to be done. We are here to help you get out of that stress and take care of everything that needs to be done! Our photographers want to make you look your best and make you feel special. Give us a call to book your African American Wedding now!!

Babylon Wedding Services ( African American Weddings, Traditional Wedding Services in Toronto )

We offer many services to the African American Weddings, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Wedding DJ Services, Wedding Limo Services, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florist, Wedding Decor, Live Musicians! African culture is rich with tradition and has been around for a very long time. If you want to enhance your African wedding experience, here are some helpful hints for you to follow.

Regarding food, Africa’s unique traditional menu will definitely serve as a treat for your guests! There are different kinds of food, such as fruit, beans, fish and tasty oils that we have listed below for you to choose from.

Have an African American wedding to arrange, you have come to the right spot. Weddings are elaborate affairs that are difficult to manage. There is so little time and so much to do! We understand that you want your day to be memorable, hassle free, and thus we spare no pains to ensure this. Leave everything to our experts and sail through your special day like a breeze. You only need to concentrate on looking good and enjoying your precious moments with relatives, friends and family; the rest is our responsibility.

Let go of your stress and give us a call today!

We offer traditional and African American wedding services to our clients in Toronto. It is a user-friendly service customized as per your needs. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Create indelible memories and kick-start your married life, with timely help from our professional services.

Our Services:

• Wedding Photography
• DJ services
• Wedding Videography
• Limo services
• Wedding invitations
• Wedding décor
• Wedding cakes
• Wedding florist
• Live musicians with singer and band

Enhance your African-American wedding with help from our end. We bring with us an experience of over 25 years to guarantee a brilliant time, which every newly wed deserves. Those who work with us, never forget us, and recommend our services to people they know.

African American Wedding Tips:

Tradition African fruit consists of – cashew nut, guava, mango, plantain, cizaki, breadfruit, papaya, mango, avocado, coconut, pitanga cherry, and baobab.

Seafood is another important part of African-American traditional wedding menu. When it comes to fish, it is easier when you determine it into fat and lean varieties, since the cooking methods are different. Fat fish is able to stand longer cooking procedures that includes broiling and baking. Cooking does not require much oil and you needn’t deep-fry this variety. Due to a stronger flavour, fat fish are suitable for African style of cooking with spicy sauces. Some varieties of such fishes includes whitefish, catfish, herring, shark, butterfish, shad, Salmon, trout, tuna, and mackerel.

Lean fish as the name suggests is the low-fat varieties, which you do not overcook. Poach them or prepare with stew and soup. Frying also gives amazing results. Example of lean fish is halibut, haddock, sole, red snapper, flounder, cod, pikeperch, and grouper. Drying and smoking fish provides a tasty option that helps to preserve the flavour. Those who are looking for a nice, yet cheap fish recipes can go for smoked mackerel or herring. You need to soak salted fish to dilute the salt before further cooking.

Traditional African American wedding dishes range from elaborate to simple, and it is up to you and us to make the correct choices.

The entree is the most important part of any meal! Seafood is a great addition to any menu, so here are some offerings you can serve at your wedding. Fish can be categorized as fat or lean which makes it easier to determine which cooking method you can use. Many of the varieties below are available only in African waters, so check with your local exotic supermarket to see if they have any of these delicious varieties. Shellfish such as shrimp,  crabs, crayfish and lobster will also be a great addition to any wedding meal.

Fat Fish: Fat fish can tolerate dryer, longer cooking methods such as baking, or even broiling. They should not be placed in lots of oil, nor should fat fish be deep-fried. Fat fish have a stronger flavour than lean fish and are well suited to the spicy sauces of African cooking. Swordfish, tuna, trout, salmon, shark, whitefish, butterfish, mackerel, shad, catfish and herring are all examples of varieties of fat fish.

Lean Fish: Lean fish are low in fat, and not meant to be overcooked. They should be cooked by either poaching or cooking in a stew, or made into a soup, and also they taste amazing when fried. If you want to bake a lean fish be sure to baste with a liquid to prevent drying, such as butter or an oil. Some lean fish are sole, halibut, cod, turbot, flounder, haddock, pike perch, grouper and red snapper.

Dried, Smoked and Salted Fish: Smoking and drying fish is a tasty way to preserve the flavour. Smoked herring or mackerel are nice, cheap choices for many fish recipes. Herring is salted before being dried and smoked, so be sure to soak it for several hours before adding it to anything like a sauce. You can also use kippered herring, smoked whiting, and more expensive varieties like smoked trout, haddock or salmon. Salted fish such as mackerel and cod are very common in African cooking, and remember to soak several hours prior to cooking to remove any excess salt.

Ground Crayfish: Small crustaceans, dried and ground to a powder make for this popular African seasoning. It has a pungent, fishy aroma that blends with any sauce to give it that authentic African taste. Look for African crayfish as a whole or as a powder.  If you can’t get African crayfish, try an Asian grocer for dried shrimp or fish sauce. When you purchase the whole crayfish, you can grind it up in your food processor at home.

For over 25 years Babylon Productions has offered impeccable service in the wedding industry. We strive to make sure you get exactly what you want on your wedding day. That is why we created these pages containing valuable cultural and traditional wedding information, so that you can choose the right way to have your wedding. We want to ease the stress of your big day, so hire us and let us take care of your wedding planning needs!

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»  Party Limousine rental
»  Wedding Invitations

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