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Arabic Wedding Traditions

Arabic Weddings are called Farah. The Arabic culture is rich with tradition and the weddings are always beautiful events. Arranged, or fixed, marriages are common in the Arab world. The first meeting is usually chaperoned by the mothers of the bride and groom, and the couple will sit separately, but will talk and get to know each other. For the proposal party, the bridegroom will ask the head of the household, usually the bride’s father, for her hand in marriage. After the father accepts the proposal, the people at the house read the Fatiha, which is the first sura in the Quran, and then a drink called the Sharbat or sherbert is brought out; this drink is made by both families.

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The Katb Kitab is the official marriage ceremony held in a Mosque, and starts with a Sheikh or an Imam speaking of how the Prophet honored his wives, how to honor women, how women should treat their husbands, and how to honor them in return. The Imam tells the groom to follow his words, and the father, or eldest of the family accepts the proposal. The wedding is more or less like the proposal party, but it is considered a more official one in front of God. After the two witnesses sign their names, usually the eldest men in each family, then the couple is officially married.

After, they sit in the Kosha and the wedding party will toast their health. Then, the bride and groom will switch rings from right index fingers to left index finger. Most of the time, the wealth of the families is displayed in how many entertainers they have, and how much food they provide for the wedding party. Large banquets are a sign of prosperity, and consist of many rich foods, such as lamb, chicken, rice, lentil dishes, salads, and traditional desserts. Also, if you are planning a traditional Arabic wedding, don’t forget the sumptuous sauces that this culture has to offer, like hummus, tahini, labaneh with garlic mint and onion, and of course all the oil dressings. Salty olives, tasty figs, and sweet dates are a great addition to any meal.

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