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Assamese Wedding Traditions

There are lots of different wedding traditions in the Assamese culture. Daiyan Diya is one that is observed in the morning, when curd is sent to the bride’s house. She will eat it, but leave half untouched and return it to the groom’s house. After wards the ceremonial bath takes place. The mothers of the couple will venture to a nearby lake or stream and collect holy water, then after return to their respective homes and bathe their son or daughter to cleanse them before they get married.
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The bridegroom and his wedding party have to pay a heavy price to enter the bride’s home. When they have finally paid, the younger sister of the bride will wash the groom’s feet, then the bride’s brother will lift the groom and bring him to the wedding hall, or mandap. The bride is carried in by her mother’s brother, her uncle. The bride and the groom sit at the mandap, and face the sacred fire. The couple will exchange garlands and takes each others’ vows, amidst the wedding guests chanting mantra. Large Conch shells are blown to mark the tying of the marriage knot, and the groom applies sindoor (holy vermilion) on the part of the bride’s hair. Afterward the friends and relatives come forward to bless the newly weds.

The newly married couple then goes to the groom’s house, where they are given a warm welcome. The bridegroom’s mother performs the traditional aarti, to welcome her son and daughter-in-law. Aarti is when one offers a prayer to deities, and the light is offered as well, glowing from wicks soaked in camphor or ghee. Ghee is a specially purified butter.

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