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Bangladesh Traditional Weddings

Bangladesh weddings are arranged by ‘ghotoks’, who are friends or family members of the couple. They help make both sides agree on any amount of settlement. There are five parts to a typical Bangladeshi wedding, beginning with the ‘Mehendi Shondha’, the applying of henna to the bride’s body and to the bridesmaids’ bodies as well. There is the bride’s ‘Gaye Holud’ which is when the groom’s family will come to the bride’s home with the bride’s dress, turmeric paste, sweets, henna, and two fish dressed as a couple! The guests will then spread the paste on the bride’s face and body, to make her skin smooth but it also turns her skin yellow. The women will usually wear orange and seat the bride on a dais, then feed her all of the sweets one by one that were brought by the groom’s family. At the groom’s Gaye Holud guests will wear green, red, orange and yellow, and the bride’s family will bring the groom’s outfit, sweets, and turmeric paste. The guests apply the paste to the groom’s body and give him sweets, and the bride’s family will hold a large feast.

The Bengali wedding ceremony is called  ‘Beeya’, and there are many different traditions to follow, such as playing a prank on the groom like stealing his shoe, and preventing the groom from entering the wedding venue until he pays a fee. The groom and bride are seated apart, and a person authorized by the government to perform the wedding, called a ‘Kazi’ (authorized person by the govt. to perform the wedding) along with a Wakil (witness) from both sides and the parents ask the bride if she consents to the marriage first, and then they ask the groom. The reception is called the ‘Bou-Bhaat’ is held by the groom’s family. People relax and don’t normally wear flashy clothes, it is a comfortable affair where everyone wishes the couple well and eats good food. Fresh fish, boiled rice, thick lentil soups, and delectable curries are among the traditional Bengali cuisine.

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