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Austrian Wedding Traditions

Austria is located in Europe, and is surrounded by many European countries. Italy is to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Romania to the east. Austria, like many foreign countries, has unique marriage customs. When a man wants to ask a lady to marry him, he would send a friend to her home to ask for her hand in marriage. If his friend saw a monk, a blind man, or a pregnant woman on the way to the lady’s home, then they believed the marriage was doomed. If the friend saw goats, wolves, or pigeons along the way to the bride’s house, it was considered good luck for the marriage. Another superstition was that if the bride’s last name and the groom’s last name began with the same letter, then the marriage would fail.

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If the bride wore her entire bridal outfit before the big day, it was considered bad luck. Even now, Austrian brides will leave a single stitch undone on their dress until the day of their wedding, even when fitting. Also, she could not make her own dress as it was bad luck. Red and white flowers were considered a terrible omen, as was bad weather. On a lighter note, the bride and groom would have the same coloured flowers, a tradition that dates back to when a knight would sport his lady’s colour. Spiders, black cats, and rainbows were a good sign, as was seeing a chimney sweep. Some brides even hire chimney sweeps to come to their wedding to give good luck to the marriage!

To protect the bride, her bridesmaids will wear the same fashion and/or colour of dress, to confuse any demons or spirits that may want to hurt the bride. Also, before leaving the house, the bride would check herself in the mirror for good luck; if she looked back after looking once she would bring bad luck to the marriage.

Austrian weddings are full of superstitions, both good and bad. A bride can wear myrtle in her hair, and even pin some on the groom, to symbolize good luck towards her and the groom enjoying a long life together. Also, the new couples in Austria will tie their hands together as a symbol of love and connectivity.

After the wedding ceremony, it is traditional at an Austrian wedding for the bride and groom to be toasted with bread and wine. Traditional Austrian food is delicious and is a must if you are intending on having a traditional Austrian wedding! Foods such as "apfelstrudel" (apple strudel), tafelspitz" (beef boiled in broth), which is often served with apple and/or horseradish sauce, selchfleisch (smoked, then cooked meat) served with sauerkraut and dumplings, and "germknodel" (fluffy yeast dough dumpling with a mix of poppy seeds and sugar) filled with spicy plum jam and melted butter on top are delectable selections that should be served to your guests during your Austrian wedding!

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