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Canadian Military Weddings

  • Canadian military weddings are very dramatic, formal events. Formal military wear is permitted to be worn by both the bride and the groom, and members of the wedding party are allowed to wear swords in the church. After the wedding, it is customary for the serviceperson to walk under an arch of swords, which signifies safe passage for the couple into their new life. This tradition is usually involved for the wedding of a serviceperson, whether or not the wedding party is in uniform. This arch is formed by 3-4 pairs of fellow officers lined up, normally just outside the church, and is commanded by one person. At the command of, Form Arch, the sword is brought to a position known as the recover position, then after a regulation pause, they extend their right arms upward at a 45-degree angle. The wrist is then rotated 270 counter-clockwise, and into the final position with the edge of the blade facing up and the back of the sword facing down. Once the couple has passed under, the command Attention is given, and the movements are repeated in reverse. (The exact instructions can be located in the Canadian Forces Manual of Drill and Ceremonial). The bridesmaids do not follow under the arch, but they leave the church two by two. Navy ceremonies usually use an arch of swords, whil Army ceremonies tend to use sabers.

The groom and bride are permitted to cut the cake with a sword as well. As the bride and groom pass by it is respectable for the wedding party to stand at attention, civilian or not. Outside, it is customary for their to be a gun limber for the bride and groom to ride on from their military wedding, to their reception. Red and white are patriotic Canadian colours, and should be considered when decorating your traditional Canadian military wedding event! Also, consider a camouflage theme as well.

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The Military Wedding

A military wedding is simply military participation in a religious or civil marriage ceremony. There is no set procedure and the couple must decide upon the degree of military participation they wish. Although permission to marry is no longer required, it is good etiquette to inform the commanding officer of an impending marriage.

Dress. Serving personnel may choose to wear uniforms. For a daytime ceremony, the wedding party usually wears full service dress with or without swords. For evening weddings or receptions, the wedding party may choose to wear either service dress or mess dress. The bride and groom may also choose to have guests wear uniform, in which case the invitation should clearly state the dress.

Swords. Only those who may wear swords as part of their uniform should do so. Swords may be worn throughout the ceremony or only for an arch of swords. Drawn swords are not permitted inside a Christian institution and the traditions for other religions should be determined in advance and respected. An arch of swords is often formed at the church entrance as a special honor at the end of the ceremony. Although the drill manual indicates an edge downward position, it is customary to twist the wrist so the blade is flat with the edge away from the couple. Other military guests may line the church exit and bestow courtesy salutes.

Transportation. With the approval of the Commanding Officer, units sometimes provide special transportation for the couple after the ceremony.

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