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Czechoslovakian Wedding Traditions

Czechoslovakian wedding traditions are unique and elegant. Friends of the bride plant a tree in her yard and decorate it with dyed eggshells and coloured trimmings. This tradition was from a myth that as long as the tree was alive, so would be the bride. In the night before the wedding the women would hand the bride a wreath of rosemary, hand crafted by the bride’s mother or grandmother. The garland was used to symbolize wisdom, adoration, devotion and commemoration. Prior to the couple’s wedding night, an infant is placed upon their bed to bless them and increase fertility. This ensures that they might have a fruitful marriage blessed with many children. The future bride is in addition handed three covered bowls holding wheat to symbolize fertility,  millet mixed with ashes, which the bride is expected to sieve in order to show that she will exercise patience in her marriage, and a sparrow underneath the cover of the third bowl.

The guests invited to the reception serenade the couple with a congratulatory Czech wedding song, Pisen Slavebni. After the song is done, the bride’s veil and the groom’s shoes were taken around the reception hall by the groom’s best man and the bride’s maid of honour, wherein the guests would place in them money for the couple’s new life together.At the church after the priest or minister has joined the couple together in holy matrimony, the grooms’ men along with other friends to the groom will prop up a rope at the church façade. This piece of twine is embellished not only with blossoms and trimmings but also with empty bottle s. The newly wedded couple can only proceed further once they reach the barricade once and only after the groom has paid his way out. It simply signifies that the groom has left behind the indulgences of his formative years. Once the couple arrives at the reception venue, a plate is shattered right at their feet, and they must work together to clean-up the shards and pieces of broken porcelain. The tradition is that the shards hold happiness within them, and the act of picking them up together enhances co-operation in their relationship. This will bring steadfast love and bonding into their relationship.

During the reception the couple is shrouded in a huge fabric signifying their unity, and they are handed a bowl of soup with one spoon, so they can feed each other while bound together. There is also a loaf of bread from which the bride and groom are supposed to get equal halves and hand to one another. Finally, when the festivities at the reception are at a climax, the bride is taken by the groom’s comrades. The man is then expected to locate his wife within the shortest period possible and is compelled to pay the friends in order to buy back his bride. The significance is to show the girl’s separation from her childhood home and a new beginning. Planning for your traditional Czechoslovakian wedding can be difficult so enlist the help of Babylon Productions! We want to make sure your wedding day looks and feels exactly how you imagine it. That’s why we boast over 25 years of experience in the wedding industry. Our past clients will agree, we make weddings happen elegantly, as well as affordably. Whether you need wedding photographers and a limousine, or wedding videographers and a DJ, Babylon offers packages that are suited to your needs!

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