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Catholic Wedding Ceremony

In the Catholic religion, there are seven Holy Sacraments, baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, holy orders (priest or deacon) and marriage. Marriage is an important sacrament, it joins together a man and a woman in holy union and their bond is recognized as official and just in the eyes of God. Marriage is a sacred ceremony, performed by a priest.

Entrance Rite: The congregation stands, an entrance hymn is sung, and the priest and his altar servers will make their way to the altar, followed by the wedding party (groom best man, etc)

Greeting: The priest greets the assembly

Penitential Rite: The priest invites everyone in the congregation to repent of their sins, and leads in doing this.

Singing of Gloria: This does not take place during Lent or Advent. The Gloria song is sung after the penitential rite.

Opening Prayer: The priest invites everyone to pray, and then says one of the many possible prayers for the bride and groom. Then, the congregation is seated.

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading: The first reading from the Old Testament is read, then the lector says. The Word of the Lord and the response is: Thanks be to God

Responsorial song: The choir sings a psalm, and the assembly sings a response

The Second Reading: The second reading is read, from the New Testament. After, the lector says "The Word of the Lord and the response is Thanks Be To God.

Gospel Acclamation: Someone leads the congregation in the gospel acclamation which is normally Alleluia, except during Lent. Then, a different acclamation is sung.

Gospel: The gospel is proclaimed by the priest, and when he is finished he says "The Gospel of the Lord and the response is Praise To You Lord Jesus Christ

Homily: The priest reads a homily from the Scripture readings, and he talks about the dignity that love from a catholic union brings, the grace of the sacrament, and the responsibilities of a married couple Rite of Marriage

Address and intentions statement: Everyone stands. The priest will ask both the bride and groom to state their intentions of faithfulness to one another

Exchange of Vows and Consent: The priest asks the couple to declare their intent to marry, and to exchange their vows.

The Lighting of the Unity Candle: The parents light the candle for the couple and it symbolizes their life until now. It also is a representation of their new life together

Exchanging of the Wedding Rings and Blessing: After the priest blesses the wedding rings, the groom first places a ring on the bride’s finger, an then the bride places a ring on the groom finger

The Prayers of the Faithful: Someone offers a prayer, and the congregation’s response is Lord Hear Our Prayer.

Profession of Faith: If the Catholic ceremony occurs on a holy day, or a Sunday, the congregation will recite the Creed, We believe in one GodLiturgy of the Eucharist

Preparation of the Gifts: Everyone sits and sings the Offeratory song while the gifts of bread and wine (Jesus’ body and blood) are brought to the altar, and the altar is prepared. Then the priest says the prayer Pray, my brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father" and the assembly stands

Eucharistic Prayer: The priest prays the Eucharistic prayer, and thecongregation sings three aclamations. Catholic members of your wedding guests may receive the holy Communion Concluding Rite

The Lord’s Prayer: The Lord’s prayer is read

Final Blessing: The couple and the congregation is blessed once more by the priest

Recessional: The wedding march is sung, the procession leaves, first the priest and the altar helpers, followed by the wedding party. The couple goes last.

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