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Civil Wedding Ceremony

A civil ceremony is non-religious ceremony, performed by a government official called a registrar. It can be performed by:

  • Chaplain
  • County clerk
  • Judge
  • Justice of the peace
  • Mayor
  • Minister
  • Notary public
  • Pastor
  • Priest
  • Rabbi
  • Superior court clerk
  • Township council member

On July 20, 2005, bill C-38 received its Royal Assent, making Canada the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Since religious ceremonies are not normally an option, many gay couples will have a civil ceremony.

A civil ceremony can be either formal or informal, depending on what you want. Couples can exchange vows, and even have music playing if they want. After the marriage is official, the couple and their witnesses can go to the reception. A great thing about holding a civil ceremony is that you can do it with just your close friends and family present, then after proceed to the reception where the rest of your family and friends will be waiting for you! It’s a quicker ceremony, and you only have to worry about your immediate wedding party (parents, witnesses, close friends or family members) needing transportation to your reception.

When you have your wedding this way, only one or two limousines are needed, because you would have a smaller wedding party with you. Then you can arrive in style to your reception, where all your guests will be waiting for you! A gala reception is a great way to celebrate, and it gives you ample opportunity to take pictures of all your loved ones, eat a great feast, and enjoy your wedding day!

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