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Chinese Wedding Dresses And Wedding Gowns


Chinese weddings are often steeped in tradition. Thus, for Chinese wedding dresses, red is normally the traditional color and white is not recommended. The red color also applies to many Asian cultures. Red is preferred because it is central to most of their themes. From wedding favors, invitations to dresses, the color red always features prominently. From the decorations to the bride’s dress, red must be visible.


The traditional bridal dress is usually a one-piece frock referred to as Qi Pao, embroidered using elaborate silver and gold designs. Southern China brides normally wear a two-piece called Cheongsam or Qun Gua Kwa, which is also adorned, elaborately by golden dragon and phoenix. The dress is normally red in color because red is believed to be a strong good luck color keeping away evil spirits.

Traditionally, a red veil piece was part of the bride’s outfit for covering her face during the ceremony. Phoenix and dragon bridal dress designs symbolized the balance of female and male power. The bride is often seen with the red veil that covering her head and sometimes her face. Among the most prominent features in these weddings is the bridal gown. A majority of the brides wear up to six dresses in a single wedding night. Nothing matches the passion and charm of red Chinese wedding dresses in the ceremony.


Choosing the wedding gown is a very important decision. The dress sets the tone of the entire ceremony and therefore the bride should feel special and comfortable in the gown. It is vital to ensure this while choosing the dress. Thus, one is advised to shop at a renowned designer to ensure authenticity. However, one should consider their budgets before making a purchase. With this, one should also consider alternate options for instance, renting the wedding gown.

Some prospective couples prefer a themed ceremony to complement their renaissance or medieval wedding dress. For them, nothing utters romance than traveling back in time. Whatever dresses a bride decides to allocate for their wedding, choosing a dress that exudes the beauty and aura of the bride in the best manner possible. A bride can choose a gown with traditional embellishments looking like a bell-shaped skirt with a modern fitting or lace made using satin and decorated with beautiful frills. Select long Chinese wedding dresses with mind-blowing decorations made of flower patterns. Some embroidery and beadwork can add up to the dress’s beauty.

The dresses are mostly presented with long low lines; choose cut sleeves to present one in a moderate way. Consider a large selection of marriage dresses that come in different materials, sizes and styles for a Chinese bridal gown. When ordering a gown, always give one’s right measurements. Give it arty to see if it fits and point out all shortcomings and correct them.

A wedding is a special moment therefore the wedding gown chosen must serve to exude this importance in the entire ceremony. Every bride should ensure that the attire chosen is comfortable so that she is at ease in all the activities of that special day.