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Hawaiian Wedding Dresses And Wedding Gowns

Numerous Hawaiian brides plan having their wedding on the beach, where one could choose between a conventional ivory or white wedding gown, or a tropical island themed Hawaiian bridal dress. We also have an article on Hawiian wedding traditions.Wedding dress floral prints

There are different floral prints that are used for Hawaiian bridal dresses, and these can be described as ginger shadow that is in a light shade, alii, makamae, royal, beach, moon haleakala, sand Hanalei, cloud pele, day kaluapapa, mist iao in pink, cream maui, and tangerine kealia. Other floral prints that light up Hawaiian wedding dresses with an infusion of color and genuine Hawaii Island charm are patterns like milk, coconut, honeymoon, garden, ivory paradise, sundance Polynesian, calla kahanu, cream Waikoloa, cream cattleya, and cream sweetheart.


These floral prints are incorporated in the wedding dresses, together with a fusion of timeless silhouettes, and enduring, simple fabrics. Brides that want a marriage that is not traditional, but conventional enough choose these. This is where these island inspired gowns come in, while there are still a number of brides who are content with traditional, all white flowing wedding gowns, complete with train, bonnet, and all the other conventional trimmings. The holoku, which is the wedding dress for the Hawaii bride, is native to the island of Hawaii. This bridal gown looks fabulous in all colors, ranging from elegantly white, to ecstatically black. The holoku compliments most body types, and can be worn to the loose or fitted, though with the loose version, it sways in the wind for a perfect beach scene!


Some women look flattering these gowns coupled by a ceremony held at the beach, with racy ruffles at the bottom. The other style favored by Hawaiian brides is the dress made to the mermaid style, which is made to complement the bride figure or form, featuring a bottom with a wider edge, and a figure hugging silhouette. Other varieties are made up of halter gowns, several styles of spaghetti strap styled bridal gowns, and strapless bridal dresses. A Hawaiian wedding dress must speak of the island’s romantic and tropical character, such as the radiant beauty surrounding motif on a black gown or dress, utilizing such bright colors as yellow, green, and red, being highly desirable. Subtle or pale colors also work well for these gowns, with shades of pale blue, pink, green, yellow, combined with patterned leaves or delicate flowers make up a spectacular choice of a bridal dress.


Accessories are important to the overall wedding attire, and to that end, lei can enhance any Hawaiian marriage dress. This accessory is made from delicate shells and silk flowers, and popular versions of lei shells consist of Ni’ihau, puamana, and koa shells. Jewelry may be crafted out of mango wood, freshwater pearls, shell strands, kukui nuts, and pearls, which go hand in hand with beautiful and tropical marriage dresses. Other options for wedding dress accessories that are open to the Hawaiian bride are paper parasols, decorations for the hair using sweet smelling and island beautiful flowers, decorative air fans, hair combs that are delicately placed in the hair, and marriage veils that are in different flower motifs.