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Djibouti Wedding Ceremony

According to the Djibouti culture of marriage, a man may take more than one wife, but should not exceed the limit of four. However, marrying two wives at the same time is a forbidden act in Djibouti culture. In the Djibouti marriage traditions, a spiritual leader should conduct the marriage ceremony because them belief is that it is through them that the marriage is blessed. Therefore, a couple living in Canada and would like to marry should contact a spiritual leader to conduct the marriage ceremony. Marriage is a sacred institution according to the Djibouti culture;  divorce is a very rare occurrence and isn’t looked highly upon by the Djibouti culture. The family of a young man may have a wife reserved for the boy from a family that they have good relations with; sometimes they reserve the wife even before the girl is born.  Moreover, it is important to note that it is the men who propose to the women in Djibouti marriage culture and not vice versa; in a case where a woman proposes to a man, the parents may refuse to take part in the ceremony, declaring that it is not blessed.

According to the Djibouti wedding traditions, a couple that intends to marry should visit the parents of the groom first, followed by a trip to the lady’s house. After being introduced, the couple organizes a meeting for their parents’ to meet and discuss dowry payments. According to the Djibouti culture, the groom pays a dowry to the girl’s family as a way of appreciating them. The dowry payments are usually in form of cattle or sheep. A Djibouti wedding ceremony involves dancing to traditional wedding songs and singing them as well. The Djibouti culture considers quite a number of things before allowing a couple to get married-these include circumcision, family background and fertility of both the man and woman that are to be joined.

The Djibouti wedding Ceremony takes place during the day and may go on late into the night. Before the wedding day, the bride pierces her nose and wears a small stud as a way of enhancing her beauty. During the wedding ceremony, the bride is dressed in the traditional wedding attire, which includes wearing a light lapel over her head, which she will now wear during her marriage.

The bride should physically begin to prepare for the wedding three months ahead. A day before the wedding, the brides assistants apply henna on the bride’s feet and hands, which they believe makes the bride more beautiful.

According to the Djibouti culture, the groom dresses in Arabic wedding garments made out of rich fabrics; in addition to this, the groom should tie a cloth on his head as the Djibouti wedding tradition demands. Because the main religion in Djibouti is Islam, an Imam may conduct the marriage ceremony in the Arabic language. During the Djibouti wedding ceremony, the groom makes the vows when holding the brides right hand and holds up the left hand as a way of making an oath; afterwards, the bride makes an oath when kneeling facing the groom. After making the vows, the guests shower the bride and groom with gifts in form of cooking pots, money, sheep or goats, beddings and furniture. For your traditional Djibouti wedding, hire the best in the wedding industry. Hire Babylon Productions. We have over 25 years of experience servicing wedding of all kinds, including traditional Djibouti ceremonies. We understand the
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