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Ethiopian Marriage Ceremonies

A traditional Ethiopian wedding is full of vibrant colours and a delectable spread of spicy dishes of meat and vegetables. Pork is usually not present as many Ethiopian people are Muslim, Orthodox Christians, or Jewish. The ceremony is held according to the family’s religion; for a Muslim family the traditional Muslim ceremony is held, for the Jewish families a traditional Jewish ceremony is performed, and so forth.

A different type of Ethiopian marriage ceremony is the traditional wedding ceremony held among the Oromo people. They will prepare for the wedding for a month, and on the wedding day, relatives and other guests of the bride and groom assemble at their respective homes where they are fed well. The groom then dresses in specified attire, after being blessed by his parents, relatives and elders, he goes to the bride’s home along with his friends to pick his bride. On reaching the bride’s home, the groom and his men are met by the bride and her companions at the entrance beating drums. In Ethiopian marriage ceremonies, this is done to prevent the groom from accessing her home until he parts with the dowry. Ethiopian culture is bright and vibrant. Sometimes the couple is made to walk under an arch of orange candles after declaring to God their love and intentions toward one another.

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