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Eritrea Wedding Traditions

Eritrea is a small nation located on the ‘Horn-of-Africa’ in the northeastern part of the country It is neighbored by Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Eritrean wedding traditions, being in Africa, do not differ from the many other wedding traditions in other African states. There are nine tribes in Eritreaand they all have the concept of family at heart. All the nine tribes have the right to practice their faith, traditions and traditional values as well as speak their language. However, that does not mean that they differ much in matters pertaining wedding traditions.

Since these weddings are family oriented, most of them are arranged by the family. Among the Tigrinya, the parents of the couple emphasize that the couple should establish family ties. To many families, marriage is considered a sacred institution because it should be and is a solid and strong building block of any given society. Uniting two people also unites their families, and strengthens family ties.

Customary marriage rules vary amid the several ethnic groups in Eritrea. Marriages for girls can happen as early as when the girl is fourteen. The families of the couple arrange for the wedding and it is for this reason that practices like dowry price, betrothal arrangements, wedding day ceremony and many more vary between the different ethnic groups.

In many Eritrean ethnic groups, the women do not have the right to choose their marriage partners and they are chosen for them by an elder family member, or a person assigned to arranging the marriage. Participation and arrangements of the wedding is handled with great care by the families and communities of the groom and bride. During the wedding celebrations, it takes a period of not less than a week for the preparation of food, a month to brew a traditional beer known as ‘suwa’ and a honey bread called ‘miyess’. A banquet that follows the morning ceremony is provided for by the female relatives of the bride. The couple may enter the banquet to eat and dine with the guests only when they have displayed the received gifts.

In urban areas, a tiered wedding cake is cut by the couple. Relatives provide the meals of the couple for 2 to 3 weeks. After the union of the couples, the couple usually stays with the parents of the groom for a period of at least 2 years before they establish their own and new home. Among the Muslims of Eritrea, the bride arrives riding the back of a camel. The feast is unique as it consists of guests sitting on mats and eating from bowls. Muslim men, during the old days, could have as many as four wives and it was a requirement that the man should take care of the wives equally. But nowadays, due to the high cost of living, the nature of polygamy is disappearing. The most essential thing to remember is that family is very important to the Eritrean culture.

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