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Filipino Wedding Ceremonies

Filipino culture is well-celebrated in Toronto communities. The culture is kept alive, even during the Filipino wedding traditions and occasions. Among these occasions, include nuptials ceremonies, there are many beliefs regarding marriage ceremonies. However, the majority of them have existed for many years in Filipino culture.

Common Filipino wedding day beliefs According to the Filipino wedding traditions, a bride should not try on her gown before the actual ceremony. Also according to Filipino wedding traditions, if she falls into temptation of trying on her gown before the ceremony, the ceremony fails to materialize. Another common belief is on the issue of gifts. One should not give knives or any pointed object as a gift, as a sign to protect the marriage from break ups. On a light note, offering arinola as gift brings good luck to the newly wedded couple. Another belief is on the issue of sitting style during the ceremony. For example, when a husband sits in front of the bride during the ceremony, he will have a difficult marriage because the wife will have henpecking behavior, similar to that of a chicken. This is solely based on the actions of a chickne, in relation to the Filipino marriage ceremony.

Another traditonal Filipino wedding belief, even in Toronto, is based on the weather on the day of ceremony. For example, when it rains, this symbolizes joy and prosperity to the couple. Breaking of any utensil during the occasion brings good luck to the couple. According to Filipino wedding traditions, one knows which half of the couple is to die first. This is through two candles placed on two sides.

The person near the candle that goes off first is predicted to die first. Other beliefs state that a man should arrive in the church ahead of the bride to avoid bad luck in their marriage life. Filipino Wedding Engagement Following decision between a man and a woman to marry in the traditional Filipino wedding style, the groom’s parents will visit the bride’s family. During this meeting, groom’s parents request the bride’s parents for the brides’s hand in marriage. When thing go as expected, both families engage in marriage ceremony preparations. Plans include preparation of the budget as well as the guest list. According to Filipino wedding traditions, before the groom gets approval from the bride’s family, he must participate in some chores at the bride’s home. This shows he will be a good husband.

Filipino Wedding ceremony Prior to the colonial days, marriage ceremonies lasted for three days. The first day involved blessing the couple by a priest. Before blessings, the couple was supposed to dip their hands on a plate full of rice. On the third day, the priest pronounced the couple as a man and a wife after pricking their chest to draw some blood. Once small amount of blood spilled, they made vows to each other three times before priest’s blessings. According to Filipino wedding traditions, the couple ate rice prepared by the priest. To mark end of the ceremony, the priest gives them a water drink containing a mixture of their blood. These wedding traditions in the Filipino culture require both couples to wear wedding ceremony outfits that include a black wedding gown. The groom wore  a ‘Barong Tagalog’, which symbolizes the Filipino mens wedding formal clothing. Tagalog resembled a modern shirt and many men preferred wearing it while untucked. Tagalog comprised of embroidery work to add a sense of fashion to the shirt.

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