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Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

At a Hawaiian wedding, flower garlands known as ‘leis’ are traditionally placed around the necks of the bride and groom. Leis symbolize love and respect, and they are created from some of the island’s most beautiful and fragrant flowers. Each lei is made up of some 40 or 50 fresh flowers, and tied with a colorful ribbon. These flower garlands are very symbolic of Hawaiian culture and an integral part of almost every celebration on the island. The ‘Hawaiian Wedding Song’, which was sung by Elvis in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’, is almost always a highly requested song during the wedding reception. The couple’s names in the Hawaiian language are usually engraved onto their wedding rings. Both the bride and groom will dress in white for the traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony, and the groom will have a red sash tied around his waist. Hawaiian chiefs created political alliances by marrying royalty together, and also wedding commoners together. Most chiefs had many wives and provided for adopted as well as biological children.

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Engagements were arranged by the parents of the prospective bride and groom during their late childhood or early adolescence. When arrangements were settled by the parents, the young people were consulted, and once everyone was agreed on terms set by both families, the extended community that constituted as the couple’s family would give the bride and groom away. Hawaiian weddings were traditionally, and continue to be, associated with vibrant flowers. Both the bride and groom wear elaborate lei necklaces of flowers, nuts, seeds, and other plant material woven together. Nowadays, traditional Hawaiian weddings are also performed with the addition of whatever civil sanction is necessary. There are also superstitions linked with Hawaiian weddings. The bride and groom are not wished good luck on their wedding day, as this can actually result in bad luck.

The only way this unfortunate situation can be reversed is for the individual who offered the wish to cross his or her fingers immediately after it is offered, thus counteracting the ‘curse’. In addition, pearls should not be worn on the wedding day, as they resemble tears and will cause the marriage to be filled with sorrow. Hire Babylon to take care of your traditional Hawaiian wedding! We can provide entertainment in your native tongue, whether you want a wedding DJ, singer, or a live band! Allow us to provide our expert services. We can also arrange your limousines to and from the wedding. Arrive in style in one of Babylon’s many gorgeous automobile selections! We will film your entire wedding day, and edit it to your liking. We can also provide a soundtrack with traditional Hawaiian wedding songs, or any songs you wish! Our skilled videographers will ensure your wedding day DVD production is a hit with you and your loved ones!

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