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Lithuanian Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding traditions in Lithuainia date all the way back to the country’s origin, and while the certain elements of the ceremonies have changed over time, one elements still holds true, which is the importance of the ceremony to family. Traditions and customs are also important to families, and must be upheld to respect not only the bride ad groom’s wishes, but their family’s as well. A Lithuanian wedding can be broken into three main stages. The first part involves the matchmaker, who delivers the dowry to the bride’s family, and also brings the couples together. Courtship happened in this way back in the olden days, because people used to live far apart from each other, making it difficult to find a suitable companion to marry. So when the groom came of age, he and his father would find a matchmaker to go and look for his prospective partner. In this first stage, the bride also says goodbye to her parents as she goes to live in her prospective husband’s house. There is sorrowful music and somber songs that are played during this period as the bride is leaving her parents’ home.

The second part of the ceremony is the wedding and the wedding ceremony itself that follows the presentation of the groom’s household. As the bride to be enters the church, she is adorned with a wreath of rue that symbolizes her youth or childhood. This wreath will be removed by the maid of honour (who is usually a married woman), assisted by other married women, and replace this with the headdress symbolizing maturity from girlhood to womanhood. Wedding vows vary just like the dowry payment varies from region to region. The couple exchanges vows, then rings are exchanged, This symbolizes eternal unity, and is followed by a kiss to seal them together. A delightful tradition that was practiced in the days of old was letting the ring bearer, normally a small boy, and the flower girl having exact miniature wedding attires as the bride and groom. After saying the vows, the couple is surrounded by family and friends. Specific to each region, certain rituals and spells are applied to ward off evil spirits and also bless the fertility of the couple.

The third and final step is the coming back or the returning. In this particular stage, the bride returns to her childhood home and is welcomed as a guest. This will usually happen a week or so after the honeymoon is over, and the couple’s life has begun together. Her visit is brief as she is no longer considered as a family member in her childhood home, but a guest, which translates to the fact that she has transitioned from one family to another,and has gone from childhood to womanhood. In small rural homes, many of these traditions are followed today as they were in the ancient years of old. However, modern Lithuanians have forgotten most of these customs but some of them go back to these ancient means to solidify and maintain their marriage. This also helps them to ensure that their marriages are as solid and lively as possible.

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