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Hindu Wedding Ceremony

The conduction of Hindu wedding ceremonies takes place in a traditional Hindu setting where the priests normally use the Sanskrit language during the ceremony. Hindus believe that the foundation of a happy marriage is the establishment of warmth and love between the married couple. Both the bride and groom usually dress in traditional Hindu marriage attire, which includes a turban for the groom, and classic, extravagant saris for the bride. The nuptials attire donned by the couple should be bright in color to display the mood of the ceremony as being happy. The groom normally gives the bride jewelry made of pure gold as a sign of love. Before the actual marriage day, there are other ceremonies such as the ‘Tilak’ ceremony, where the bride’s male relatives place Tilaks on the groom’s forehead as a sign of favor and acceptance by the bride’s family. The ‘Mehendi Lagwana’ ceremony involves the application of ‘henna’ on the bride’s feet and left hand; a person should not apply henna on the right hand because of the ‘Hathlewa’ ceremony, which requires the priest to tie the bride’s right hand, to the groom’s left hand as a sign of unity.

Hindu marriages require a priest from the couple’s caste to conduct the nuptials ceremony. The marriage couple should be compatible in terms of aith and caste because people from different castes should not marry, according to the Hindu faith. During the nuptials ceremony, the groom stands up holding the bride’s hand and walks around the ‘Agni’, which is holy fire. The groom goes round while reciting ‘mantra’, which are vows he makes to the bride. The vows that the groom makes to the bride include daily provision of food, support, clothing and shelter and the groom makes it known to the guests of his undying love for the bride. The bride also makes vows to the groom by holding the groom’s right hand and reciting the ‘mantra’ in the Sanskrit language. In Ontario, many Hindu marriage ceremonies take place during the summer season, because the marriage ceremonies usually involve much dancing and frivolity.

Most of the rituals performed take place in open-air venues. In Canada, many Hindu couples have spicy foods amd eexsquisite spreads served during their wedding receptions. Modern Hindu ceremonies are shorter than the traditional marriages in terms of duration and takes place below a ‘mandap’, which is a canopy that has four pillars. Hindu nuptials ceremonies usually require a priest to make prayers to Lord Vishnu, who is the protector of all people and life. For your traditional Hindu wedding, hire Babylon for all your wedding needs. We can provide entertainment such as wedding DJs, wedding singers, and even wedding bands, that speak Hindi and will perform traditional Hindi music. Our company has been making weddings happens for over 25 years, in the GTA and all over the world.

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