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Indian Wedding Brides Ceremony

Most Indian marriage ceremony dresses have more than one color because traditionally, the colours worn represent the mood of the couple. Therefore, an Indian bride should select a wedding dress that has unique patterns and colourful designs, to signify her happiness on her wedding day. The vibrant colours should also be present in the wedding decorations, red, orange and yellow, also bright greens and blues. A modern Indian bride may choose to wear the short ‘cholis’ matched with pants that have elaborate embroidery, or short ‘kurtas’ that have ‘zari’ embroidery. This style of dress for Indian brides is in fashion, especially those that have broad ‘salwaars and shararas’. Many Indian brides don wedding dresses that have sequinsalong the hem of the marriage dress, or along the neckline of the dress.

A bride should always look her best. No matter what town you live in, contact Babylon for a list of wedding make-up artists in your area. We will make sure you look good on your wedding day! Before the wedding, usually the night before, the Indian bride will hire a henna professional to assist her and the females in the wedding party in applying the henna, which is a dye used for beautification purposes. Indian brides believe that henna enhances their beauty and that is why it is an important form of make up in the Indian culture. Indian brides will dance after the marriage at the reception as a way of appreciating the guests who have attended the marriage ceremony, and as a form of entertainment. After the Indian bride and groom dance to traditional Indian love music, the rest of the guests may join in, and enjoy the reception.

For your traditional Indian wedding, hire Babylon to help! For over 25 years we have serviced many traditional Indian weddings. Our policy is to make sure that your special day is a as special as possible! We can arrange for traditional Indian music to be played at your wedding, and we can make sure that your entertainer speaks your native tongue, and can provide music from your country. We can provide wedding DJs, wedding singers, and even live bands that will play traditional Indian music and speak your native language. Also, remember your wedding video! We don’t just consider it a video, but a wedding DVD production that will be passed down through generations as a memory of a very special day. That is why we offer the best wedding videographers to film your special event! They will edit the video to your liking, and even include a soundtrack of traditional Indian music on your wedding DVD production!

Our experienced staff will photograph your beautiful wedding venue, and our expert videographers will record every moment of your special day! Afterward, you can work with them to edit your wedding DVD production exactly the way you want. We can even put traditional Canadian music along with your wedding footage, or your special songs. Your wedding DVD production is unique and meant to be a quality recording! That’s why our skilled staff will make sure you are satisfied with your wedding DVD production. Trust the best in the wedding business. 

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