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Indonesian Wedding Ceremonies

Indonesia bears a most thrilling landscape, great for wedding photos! Their are many traditions and stipulations that are part of the traditional Indonesian wedding courtship. Firstly, it is important to note that in Indonesia that people that intend to marry must first belong to a ‘Batak’ or tribe. If this is not the case they are not allowed to marry. Consequently, only twoindividuals from two inherently established Bataks are able to wed. Additionally, a groom looking to wed a bride is not allowed to wed a bride from his own clan. Therefore, for one to acquire a wife one has to search out a wife from the four hundred and fifty one available ‘Marga’ for a suitable bride. Simply put a Marga is a complicated organization of relations linking family members within a Batak to the clan and among various kinfolk. These relationships are dependent on various factors. For instance, sibling relations, marriage, and parentage, among others. After the important niceties have been sorted, the relevant marriage discussions begin. These discussions are held between the male heads of the family. This is because the Batak is patriarchal.

These include: ‘puang kalimbubu’ (or the potential mother in law’s kinfolk), ‘anak keru’ (or women in the father’s kinfolk), ‘sembuyak’ (or potential father’s clan) and ‘kalimbubu’ (or probable mother’s kinfolk). At this juncture the potential groom gives the men meeting representational gifts. These symbolic gifts could include: ‘uis nipis’ (traditional textile), money and a ‘parang’. To request the Indonesian bride’s hand in marriage the groom has to take part in a ceremony traditionally known as the ‘pesta adat’, which is basically the official request for the bride’s hand in marriage. Moreover, one should realize that the entire cost of this ceremony is squarely the responsibility of the potential groom. Discussions subsequently commence among the two family groups namely the bride’s family and the groom’s family to determine whether both parties and everyone concerned agrees with the marriage between the two individuals. These discussions also serve to allot the value and quantity of the dowry, the number of invited guests, the venue where the Indonesian wedding is to take place, the overall costs of the endeavor and the possible financier of the undertaking.

It is also important to realize that during the entire period of this discussion the men and women are separated. Consequently, the men make all the decisions pertaining to the impending wedding. After the relevant decisions are made and the wedding is set to commence, the symbolic dowry payment is made in subsequent meetings and the Indonesian wedding preparations commence. The wedding ceremony is made up of different parts, which include the procession, the speeches and the symbolic rituals and traditions, among other elements. Additionally, gifts are readily conveyed during the ceremony. It is also important to note that traditionally family members convey to the couple gifts of textiles. An additional gift steeped in tradition is the conveyance of useful and handy domestic items that are given to the wedded couple by the ‘kalimbubu’ (or the maternal uncle) to the bride and his family.

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