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Jain Wedding Traditions

Jain Marriage rituals are somewhat different from other Hindu religions. ‘Jain Samaj’, as it is popularly called, contains various books on the ‘ain vivah vidhi’, which are written by popular writers. The Jain community practices various traditions which are exclusive for the Jain people. Most worldly practices are acceptable to the Janis, as long as they do not cause loss to ‘samyakatva’ or contribute to the corruption of the ‘vratas’. The ‘samanaya dharma’ applies to Janis and non-Janis alike. Jainism does not automatically reject worldly practices, but rather advocates peaceful existence. It recognizes the dependence of two living beings upon one another. For Janis, marriage is largely a worldly event. It is recommended to all Jain ‘Shravakas’ that they should take a ‘vrata’ of ‘Brahmacharrya’, and the children born of the marriage will follow the dharma. The ritual of marriage is largely governed by the traditional practices that may vary for different Jain communities. Marriage is also a public declaration of the community support for the couple. Some of the rituals are common to all Jain and Hindu marriages. The Jain people generally marry in their own communities so that children born out of this marriage are also Jain.

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The entire community condemned the practice of negotiating a dowry before  marriage; however other traditions still apply. Preferably , aJain marriage should be conducted by a Jain ‘Pundit’. ‘Brahmins’ attached to the Jain community conduct marriages usually. In any case, it should be conducted by some respectable person who has proper knowledge of rites and protocols. Marriage is something of far more significance than a family vacation, or a birthday or a graduation. It is once in a lifetime occasion, and should be treated as such. A priest is responsible for fixing a proper date and time for the wedding. A ‘pooja’ is performed at the girl’s house where relatives and friends are invited. In this ceremony heavenly goddesses are invoked by sacred prayers and called upon to take abode in the bride’s house. It is done to ensure fertility and happiness of the new couple. After this, the ‘Patrika’ bearing the time or ‘Muhurat is sent to the boy’s house. It is usually accompanied with sweets. ‘Laghana Patrika’ is read at the groom’s house by the priest. The groom wears the traditional Jain headgear and performs the ‘Vinayakyantra pooja’. A ’tilak’ is applied on the groom’s forehead by the bride’s brother. It is generally followed by the engagement or ‘Sagai’. The ceremony is held at the groom’s house by the priest.

Jain marriages are performed under a ‘mandap’. Many days before the marriage, the structure is built and a ‘vedi’, which is altar of the sacred fire, is built. ‘Pheras’ are taken after this. An auspicious moment is decided for the ‘pheras’. Bride and groom are taken to the mandap for conducting pheras and seated; the girl is seated on the right side of the groom. Generally, kanyapradhan ceremony is performed at the pheras. One rupee and twenty paisa are kept with rice on the right hand of the bride. Then father of the bride publicly hands the girl to the groom. seven vows are taken by the couple together. ‘Havan’ is performed after this, and the holy water is poured on the hands of the boy and girl together. The priest chants the mantras at this occasion to  bind the boy and girl in a sacred relationship, ans the ceremony is done. For your traditional Jain wedding, hire Babylon Productions! Our skilled staff will ensure your wedding needs are taken care of. We respect traditional and understand that family and customs are important to you. That why if there is anything you need to make your wedding day more special, just ask and Babylon will help! For over 25 years, we have been providing wedding services all across the G T A, and the world! We provide limousine service, so you can arrive in style, entertainment,
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