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Wedding Bells History and Significance

In the past, people rang wedding bells to drive away misfortune and to keep evil spirits at bay. Now, the clanging of the wedding bells brings joy and peace into the hearts of all those that are near enough to hear them. Before mass communication, they were the only way to gather a village together, so they also served a secular purpose.

Most communities use wedding bells as a sacred symbol in a wedding thus indicating the presence of the Holy Spirit. During Celtic Scottish nuptials, people rang the nuptials bells proclaiming divinity on the marriage of a couple. This ritual was a very important therefore people generally performed it before the wedding ceremonies; the divinity of a marriage depended on whether people rang the marriage bells or not.

During Egyptian nuptials, people rang tiny wedding bells when making prayers to Osiris, an Egyptian god of the underworld, to ask for fertility for the couple. The Egyptians believed in praying to Osiris while ringing the marriage
ceremony bells would bring blessings and good tidings upon the newly married couple.

Church bells became common in Europe in the early middle ages. They were first common in northern Europe, reflecting Celtic influence, especially that of Irish missionaries. Before the use of church bells, Greek monasteries would ring a flat metal plate to announce services.

The practice and hobby of bell-ringing is known as campanology. Change ringing is a particular facet of campanology where bells are rung in mathematical sequence. Wedding cards commonly show bells: this is founded on the tradition of ringing changes as the wedding couple leave the church. Many wedding bells now have many different designs, including crystal designs, made on them signifying that marriage is precious and holy. In many marriage ceremonies, people use these marriage ceremony bells as a tool for decoration; the nuptial bells may be either in gold or in silver. For decoration purposes, people may use wedding bells that are white and have flower decorations around them; white bells signify purity and in most times people use them to indicate that the bride is a virgin. A couple may also present wedding bells as gifts to the guests as a way of appreciating their presence and contribution towards the success of the marriage.

Make sure you have whatever you want on your wedding day! If you want bells to ring, then make sure you book the right church or chapel to ensure they have the bells to be rung. You may have to have your wedding at a specific location, as church bells are only common in older churches.

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